Farm Equipment Loans

In our attempts to ensure our clients have the best possible experience Quick Loans has several tailored loan options to make applications easier.

One such tailored loan option is our Farm Equipment Loan. Quick Loans understands that the management of a farm is a costly venture. Keeping equipment up and running, and facilities modern as well as caring for crops and livestock requires a constant influx of cash. There are also often unexpected expenses and farmers’ only way out is through a loan.

Quick Loans’ Farm Equipment Loans can be used for numerous purposes. We sympathise when those who feed our nation are having financial difficulties and Farm Equipment Loans can be used to purchase tractors, power tillers, harvesting equipment, other equipment or even to repair existing equipment.

If you need money urgently for your farm, submit an online application from the comfort of your home or office, and with instant approval, the funds will be wired to your bank account in no time!

All credit scores are accepted. You may use your paid out vehicle, mobile home, truck, trailer, or farm equipment as collateral for a quick loan that ranges between $1,000 and $25,000. We are renowned for our easy application, speedy processing and excellent customer service.

You’re one click away from receiving your instant approval, loan amount and payment terms.


A: If you are in urgent need of a farm equipment loan and have no credit then Quick Loans Canada will help you. You just need to fill our easy online application and we will get back to you within 24 hours

· Two pieces of photo ID (license and health card)

· Proof of income

· Proof of residence (rental agreement, mortgage or tax bill)

· Photos of exterior and interior of the collateral

· Clear photo of the vehicle’s odometer

· Proof of vehicle insurance

· Proof of ownership of vehicle

· Void check

· Five reference

ll get back to you within 24 hours

  • You own the vehicle outright. There are no liens on the vehicle, you have no further outstanding payments on the vehicle and you are not leasing the car.
  • The vehicle you wish to use as collateral is less than 8 years old, except in the case of luxury vehicles.
  • You have a steady source of income
  • Your vehicle is comprehensively insured including collision.

As soon as you submit your documents and sign your contract, your loan funds will be wired into your bank account.

If you meet the above requirements then apply today! We have the easiest application process and you can have your money promptly!

Our Loans are secured by assets instead of credit score assessment. So it doesn’t matter what credit score you have. As long as you own a paid out vehicle that is less than eight years old you may apply for a Quick Loan which is secured by the value of your vehicle.

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